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suspended in a sunbeam

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Aug 19 '14
Aug 19 '14

(some of) the women in Halo

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Aug 18 '14


CultureHISTORY: #Ferguson Protests 2014 

  1. Tuskegee University Students, August 2014 
  2. African American Harvard Law Students, August 2014

 #MikeBrown #DontShoot 

Aug 18 '14
Aug 18 '14
Aug 15 '14


Hey, white people: THIS is how you ally.

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Aug 12 '14
Aug 9 '14
Aug 6 '14

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Aug 4 '14


This Shiba Inu lives and is “employed” at a little cigarette shop in Japan.
Chú chó bán thuốc lá….:D